Hey everyone! These are my 10 favorite fitness/health apps I have on my Iphone that I recommend that you get! 

1. Fitocracy

Track your physical activities (anything from weightlifting to jogging to power gardening) and view your progress with Fitocracy’s performance graphs. Your activities will earn points that unlock badges and “level up”s. Invite your friends or join a Fitocracy group of like-minded people (like joggers, weightlifters, etc.) to build your network. Like a little friendly competition? Fitness challenges abound on Fitocracy. 

2. Fooducate. 

Fooducate is a personal grocery advisor, helping people make healthy food choices for their families.It lets shoppers scan a product bar code in the grocery store for an instant read on a food’s health value, represented by a letter grade from A to D. Once a food has been scanned and recognized, the app offers healthier alternatives or can compare two products side-by-side. This free app is worth having.

3. Healthy Out

Healthy Out is an app that helps users find dishes and restaurants that’s on your diet. All you do is put in your diet(weight watchers, paleo, low carb, vegan, etc) and type of cuisine/dish you want, then voila! It comes up with a result that’s nearby! It’s very useful if your on the road and want something as close to healthy you can get.

4. Whole Foods Market Recipes

Whole Foods Market is an American chain at the forefront of the organic movement and its collection of recipes will never leave you short of inspiration. The smartest element of this app is how many ways you can search the database. For example, you can input meal type, dietary restrictions or better yet, just whatever ingredients you have in the cupboard, and a recipe will be instantly suggested. Genius. While Whole Foods Market is yet to open in Australia, this colourful and informative app is the next best thing.

5. Superfood HD

Form meets function in this beautiful app, which guides you through the best in antioxidant-packed, vitamin-rich ingredients. With an emphasis on raw foods, it is like having a personal nutritionist in your handbag. You’ll never eat the same way again.

6. Pocket Yoga HD

Three practices, three difficulty levels and three durations combine to offer a choice of 27 individual sessions. All sessions feature illustrated examples of the 145 poses in the program, a log to track your progress and updates with new poses.

7. Meal snap.

Don’t know how many calories is in your dish or meal? Simply take a picture of your food/dish and Meal Snap will tell you how many calories it is! It’s that simple! 

8. Burn it.

Ate something you weren’t suppose to? With the app Burn It, you put in the food you ate and what exercise you want to do and the app tells you how long you have to workout to burn it off. 

9. My Fitness Pal

I take this everywhere I go. This app is one of the best apps to track your calories, water intake, and exercises! Has over thousands of foods/dishes you can choose from in their database! 

10. Simply Being: Guided Meditation for Relaxation and Presence

Stillness of mind is one of the key secrets to healthy living and this elegant application will not only help you begin meditation but guide you along the way as you become more advanced. It features clear directions, tranquil backgrounds and a choice of session lengths, and meditators are offered an impressive array of options and great value. Hailed by The New York Times and Yoga Journal, it is one of the standouts in an ever growing category. Tune in and tune out.

11. (BONUS!) Pandora Radio.

Okay so it isn’t really a fitness or health app, but you can create your own custom stations for when you workout! Has every song you can think of that can keep you pumped up and motivated for your workout!

Note: I am not taking credit for this post. Some are written by me and some aren’t.  

These are good!

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